This Is Why MEE6 Bot Will No Longer Be Added To New Discord Servers?

This Is Why MEE6 Bot Will No Longer Be Added To New Discord Servers

On the first of March, 2023, the news of MEE6 losing its verification on Discord broke the internet, and with that also came the news that the MEE6 bot can no longer be added to new Discord servers.

The MEE6 bot has been in existence almost at the same time Discord servers came into play, it is used on over 18 million servers all over the world!

The bot is used to create custom commands, automate tasks, and even send messages in Discord servers; one of the best multi-task bots for large servers.

Discord has a verification requirement for all bots that owners can add to their big servers, smaller Discord servers are allowed to add unverified bots to their servers at their own risk of course.

Without verification, bots are only allowed to function in only 100 Discord servers at a time.

So with a bot like MEE6 losing its verification on Discord, does it means that all the servers that have had access to it will lose their connections?

Even as this situation has taken a lot of avid Discord users by surprise, here is what we think about this new development.

MEE6 Loses Its Verification on Discord, Can No Longer Be Added To New Servers?

We think this news is a bug since we have not reported any communication about the situation by Discord developers.

Right now, we think the largest instant messaging app developers are putting all hands on deck to fix this issue and get MEE6 working normally in no time.

If they are not, then they might be prepared to lose a lot of revenue from partnering with the most used bot on Discord.

For anyone just learning about the MEE6 bot, it has a free and paid version, so while we wait for a press release or fix from Discord, you should consider taking your Discord server to the next level with the premium version of the MEE6 bot.

What Do Users Think About The MEE6 Bot Losing Its Verification On Discord?

This news has welcomed a lot of reactions from avid Discord users, especially current and prospective server owners on the platform.

Some of the users on a subreddit on Reddit expressed their thoughts about the news thus:

A certain user, Properized wrote: “I hope this was on purpose”

Another wrote, “This better be on purpose. Let MEE6 take the L and fall like it needs to”

An AuntieRob expressed their concern about the news saying: “Oh da*g *eyes emoji* can’t believe this is the end of MEE6. Feels like this might be a mistake or smth”.

It is safe to say that this news has aroused lots of mixed feelings among users on Discord.

Update: As of 2nd March 2023, the verification privileges of the MEE6 bot on Discord have been restored.


Even though this new seems like a bug that may soon be fixed by Discord developers, it still came with a lot of confused reactions from its users.

From the comments we read on the source of this information, we did read into them sarcasm, sadness, and almost happiness, but what do we know?

However, we will still need to keep tabs on Discord, there have been rolling out a lot of features these days, and even the new banana feature has not been welcomed positively by their users worldwide.

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Brianna Bailey

Brianna is based in Minnesota in the US at the moment, and has been writing since 2017. She is currently a 3rd Year med student at the time of writing this.