How To YouTube Audio Out Of Sync In Alpha Skip-Ahead

How To YouTube Audio Out Of Sync In Alpha Skip-Ahead

Did you recently receive an invitation to join the “elite league”, Alpha skip-ahead on Xbox?

However you have noticed that with that privilege when you play longer videos on YouTube, the audio tends to be out of sync?

The Alpha skip-ahead is an invitation-only program on Xbox that allows you to enjoy certain perks before most users and insiders.

This Alpha skip-ahead works like the ‘Beta program’ on Google Play Store, so that means that when you get issues like audio being out of sync especially when you watch 30+ minutes long videos, it sort of beats the purpose of the “special treatment”.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix YouTube audio being out of sync in Alpha Skip-ahead.

How to YouTube Audio Out Of Sync in Alpha Skip-Ahead

To fix YouTube audio being out of sync, they are a couple of fixes that you can try; these fixes have proven to have worked momentarily or permanently for most users in the Alpha Skip-ahead rings or program.

Most users had to reinstall YouTube on their Xbox, some had to power cycle, and the majority had to rewind the video by 10 seconds.

In summary, this is to tell you that the fix that worked for Mr. A might not work for you, you have to try out all the fixes in this guide to find ‘your’ fix.

Here is how to fix YouTube audio out of sync in an Alpha skip:

  • Method 1: Rewind the video by 10 seconds or more,
  • Method 2: Power cycle Xbox,
  • Method 3: Reinstall YouTube,
  • Method 4: Report to support if the issue persists.

Method 1: Rewind the video by 10 seconds or more

Once you experience this ‘audio out of sync’ issue the first step to fix this is to rewind the video by 10 seconds or more.

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If you are using the latest version of the YouTube app, there should be two 10-second skip buttons on the play screen just tap on the one on the left to take your video ten seconds back.

What this would do is fix the scrub rate at which the video plays making sure that the audio is in sync with the video showing on your screen.

Method 2: Power cycle Xbox

Although method 1 usually fixes this issue for most Alpha Skip-ahead rings members, but if it didn’t you can always power cycle your Xbox.

To power cycle, an Xbox, navigate to your dashboard, press and hold the Xbox button on the center of your Xbox controller to open the Power Center, and then select “Restart”.

Method 3: Reinstall YouTube

This step entails you uninstalling the YouTube app on your Xbox and then installing it back.

Doing this will clear cache data and you might end up installing the newest version; which is a good thing as most bugs are usually fixed in app releases and updates.

Method 4: Report to support if the issue persists

If the above fixes did not work for you, then it’s time to contact Xbox tech support as this is more an ‘Xbox issue’ than YouTube’s; they usually reply in days or hours depending on the number of complaints they have to fix for that day.

I will not recommend spamming your issue on forums as this usually gets you nowhere, a simple straight-to-the-point mail to Xbox official email address usually does the trick.


The Alpha Skip-ahead audio out-of-sync issue is common on longer YouTube or Twitch videos and one might say; that since this issue happens when you play longer videos, then stop playing longer videos.

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That is not a reasonable solution as avoiding longer videos that are 30mins+ long would not help fix this issue as some users have also reported this ‘audio out-of-sync issue with shorter videos.

So while we wait for Xbox to fix this issue in their next update, this issue is often resolved with some of the steps in this guide.

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