See How To Charge Apple Pencil 2 Without An iPad

How To Charge Apple Pencil 2 Without An iPad

Looking for how you can charge your Apple Pencil 2 without using an iPad?

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to charge your Apple pencil without an iPad.

One of the main reasons is the hassle of always reaching for your iPad especially when it’s tucked away somewhere.

Or always having to remove your iPad back case anytime you want to charge your Apple pencil.

All these can be stressful given that the battery life of an Apple pencil doesn’t last a very long time.

In this guide, you will learn all the ways to charge your Apple Pencil 2 without an iPad.

How To Charge Apple Pencil 2 Without An iPad

To charge your Apple Pencil 2 without using an iPad, you need to charge it with an Apple pencil charging case.

An Apple charging case like this one is the only external option for charging 2nd generation Apple pencils.

This is because it doesn’t have a lightning adapter connector like the first-generation Apple pencils.

And if you have ever wondered if you can charge your Apple pencils with an iPhone or MagSafe charger; the answer is no.

Back to the charging case, it is called Apple Pencil 2nd Gen Charging Case, you can find it on Amazon and other Apple products stores.

How To Use The Apple Charging Case To Charge 2nd Gen Apple Pencil

To use the Apple case to charge your Apple Pencil 2, you will need to charge it to a full battery first.

The case usually comes with a USB type C lightning adapter, so that should be easy.

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After charging the pencil case, place your Apple pencil 2 with the logo facing down inside the case and close it in.

It takes about 30 minutes for an Apple pencil to charge from 0 to 100 percent, so make sure to time to avoid over-charging it.

You can check your Apple pencil battery status by Bluetooth connecting it to a compatible iPad, just like you do with the Airpods.


The only recommended way to charge an Apple Pencil 2 is by using a compatible iPad, and it should be done wirelessly.

Many new iPad models support this feature, for example, 4th generation iPad Air, 3rd generation iPad Pro, 12.9-inch, 4th generation iPad Pro, 12.9-inch, 1st generation iPad Pro 11, and even the 2nd generation iPad Pro 11.

It is important to always charge your Apple pencils; leaving them uncharged for long periods will damage the battery.

And you cannot change the battery of a damaged Apple pencil; the only solution is to get a new pencil altogether.

To prevent this always place your Apple pencils on the gray magnetic line under your iPad volume buttons when not in use.

You can also use soft silicone pencil sleeves like this one to protect your Apple pencil from getting old fast and easy grip.

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