Why Is The Discord Logo Yellow? Here Why

Why is the discord app logo yellow

Are you wondering why certain Discord apps have a yellow logo?

If yes, then you are not alone as we used to wonder that too until recently.

The regular Discord logo color we all know is bpurple (Blue and Purple), the Discord with the yellow logo is foreign to us.

You can see that the yellow Discord even comes with the same robot logo, almost matching the regular bpurple Discord.

The comforting thing is that the yellow Discord is an actual app developed by the same people that created the regular Discord app.

This Discord with the yellow logo is called Discord Canary and in this post, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about this app, why it exists, who can use it, and how to use it if it is going to replace the regular Discord.

Why Is The Discord Logo Yellow?

If you are seeing a yellow Discord logo then it means that you have found one of the two Discord’s test apps.

This an alpha test app called Discord Canary, it was developed to test features and bug releases before adding it to the original Discord app we all use now.

Discord Canary is the first of the two Discord’s developers test releases, this is the one you usually see when you download Discord on your desktop.

Who Can Use Discord Canary?

Anyone can use Discord Canary but it is not advisable as it is not stable, so there isn’t any point using it.

Although the app is originally developed by Discord. inc, its purpose of it remains and the chances of it crashing or putting your private information at risk are relatively high.

Unless you are downloading it for aesthetics or you are a developer whose aim is to test it, there isn’t any point using it, and what would you be using it for anyway?

Will Discord Canary Replace Normal Discord?

No, Discord Canary will not replace the original Discord app, it remains a test app for features and bugs released for the original Discord.

There hasn’t been any information from Discord regarding the Discord Canary app replacing the regular Discord app, at least for now.


If you are looking to help out Discord’s development team by testing new features before they are released to the public, the Discord Canary app is for you.

Other than that the yellow Discord is not going to replace the bpurple Discord anytime soon as their purpose has been greatly defined.

However, if you are curious to find out more about Discord with the yellow logo, you can download it on your computer from Discord’s official website, but be careful not to enter any personal information on the app as it is not as stable as the regular Discord app.

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Brianna Bailey

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