How To Watch The Entire Netflix USA Catalogue In Spain

How to watch the entire Netflix USA Catalogue in Spain

Netflix is indeed the world’s most famous streaming platform.

It has millions of users worldwide but is unavailable in some countries like Spain.

So, what’s the solution? Use a VPN that changes your IP location to get a new IP address specific to your region.

So, in this article, we will discuss how to watch the entire Netflix USA catalog in Spain.

Let’s dive in!

What Is A VPN Connection?

It is necessary to use a VPN connection to access Netflix content in the United States from Spain.

We access websites by connecting our computer or mobile phone to the website’s server.

A request is sent to the server to access information on the site.

Additionally, that same server uses our IP address to determine what equipment we are using.

Whenever we access a web page from the VPN connection, the IP address of the VPN connection is received by our web browser, which creates a virtual network from a server somewhere in the world.

Netflix will detect if you’re in the United States instead of Spain and offer you the appropriate catalog accordingly.

How To Create a VPN Connection to Watch Netflix America

Creating a connection to Netflix abroad with the right VPN is straightforward.

Connecting to a VPN gives you a new, region-specific IP address by changing your location.

To create a VPN connection to watch Netflix America.

You have to make sure that you have a VPN in your system.

We will discuss how we can establish a VPN connection in Windows 10, Android or iOS, and Android TV.

VPN connection in Windows

We can download the desktop application from the ‘Download’ tab when we connect with the VPN.

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Once installed, we open it shows numerous options, but we will only look at a few.

Those remaining things can be ignored, especially since it will be easier for us in this way.

Our next step will be to connect to a United States server.

Upon clicking the icon in the country at the bottom of the page, a message will appear indicating that the connection is being established.

It will appear as ‘Connected’ as soon as the connection is set up.

As a result, we should have assigned an IP Address corresponding to the United States.

To ensure that we are connected to the U.S. server, simply go to any IP locator, and, as expected, it informs us that we are in Freeport, New York (this time).

Next, we log into our Netflix account on the computer.

Consequently, we can see how the United States’ content appears to us.

We need to log out and reopen the app to update our Netflix account if it does not appear.

Netflix USA will let you stream any series, movie, or documentary without restrictions.

VPN connection on Android or iOS

In Andriod, use Playstore to install a VPN. For iPhone users, you’ll have to go to the App Store. 

In Android and iOS, the procedure for connecting to a US server is identical to that of Windows.

As soon as we open the application, we see many countries. 

The United States is selected by clicking on the indicator sign.

We can even choose a specific city within the country in this case.

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By clicking on it, we will complete the process in seconds.

In the notification bar, we will be notified that we are connected to a VPN on our mobile device.

Let’s open the Netflix app on our Android smartphone.

We must download it if we don’t already have it.

Once we enter our account, we will see that we already have access to the catalog for the United States.

You may need to log out and log back in if the Spanish catalog continues to appear.

VPN connection in Android TV

When watching Netflix USA through a VPN connection, Android TV is one of the best options since you can see the content on a large screen.

There is no difference in how Netflix USA is viewed on TV from what we have seen before. 

On our Android TV, we enter the Play Store and search for a VPN in the app store.

Installing it is the next step. Despite the different interface, it’s just as intuitive.

The ‘ All Countries ‘ tab can be found in the sidebar, select the United States. 

It will start automatically once the connection is established.

Afterward, we follow the same steps as we mentioned: logging into your Netflix account, checking if the United States catalog appears and logging out, and reopening it if it doesn’t.


Netflix is used in many countries, but as mentioned above, it is unavailable in some countries, such as Spain.

So, we need a VPN to use this platform.

Using a VPN will change your IP address by changing your location.

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We have a detailed discussion on how to watch the entire Netflix USA catalog in Spain.

We hope that the discussion is helpful for you.

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