How To Vote On Dancing On Ice (Easy Guide)

How To Vote On Dancing On Ice

If you are wondering how you can vote for your favorite celebrity contestant on one of ITV’s hottest shows?

The ‘Dancing On Ice’ British reality show was started in 2006, it currently has 14 seasons as of the time of writing this.

The reality show focuses on figure skating, where each contestant gets to showcase their skills on ice with the hope of impressing the audience and judges.

Currently, you can watch this show on ITV, ITV1, and Virgin Media One.

Voting on ‘Dancing On Ice’ used to happen on the app, but it was recently discontinued by the show creators; the reasons are quite vague.

However, you can vote for your contestant online using the ITV website or using your smartphone.

In this guide, you will learn how to vote for your favorite celebrity contestant on the UK reality show ‘Dancing On Ice’.

How To Vote On Dancing On Ice

To vote on Dancing On Ice, you need to do that by scanning a QR code on your smartphone, directly on the ITV website, or by calling the contestant’s 7-digit number.

To get the QR code for voting on Dancing On Ice, you need to watch the show and pay attention as the code usually pops up on the screen at intervals.

And if you missed the QR code, you can also vote through the ITV website; here is how to do this:

1. Go to the official ITV website

First thing, go to or

If the voting is ongoing, you should the show listed on the page.

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Select it and then follow other instructions on your screen.

2. Register with your phone  number

Before you will be allowed to vote successfully on the website, you will need to register on the website in step 1 with your phone number.

Before registering, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions on the website, you will also need to verify the phone number you registered with a code in an SMS.

3. Vote for your favorite

After registering, you should be able to vote now.

Voting is free and you can only do so 5 (five) times per phone number using your internet.

How To Vote Using The Contestant’s 7 (seven) Unique Digit Number

Just take note of your favorite’s seven-digit number, and call the unique number via your mobile phone.

Once the call connects, you should hear a pre-recorded message that will confirm your vote.

Of course, this is not free, you will be charged .35p per call even if you vote for the wrong celebrity contestant.


And that is how to vote on Dancing On Ice in less than 5 minutes.

The available means are via the website and calling the celebrity’s unique number.

The website method is pretty much straightforward and free, you just have to register on the website first.

To vote via mobile phone, you need to call the celebrity’s unique number.

This unique number is always 7 digits; you should be able to see the one for your favorite celebrity by watching the episodes.

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