3 Ways To Fix iPhone Freezing When You Tap On Share Button

How To Fix iPhone Freezing When You Tap On Share Button 

Are you experiencing freezing issues on your iPhone or apps freezing whenever you want to share anything? 

This issue has not been a common issue with iOS devices but with the release of the recent updates, a few issues have begun to pop up. 

While there have lot more issues like this since after the last iOS update, this is by far the most frustrating as sharing is one of the most performed actions on any device after texting. 

This freezing issue when you hit the share button on iOS is very common amongst iPhones 13 Pro Max, 12 Pro Max, X, and 11 users. 

In this guide, you will learn why this issue occurs on iPhones and how to fix tapping share button freezing apps on iPhone 13, 12, X, and other versions. 

Why Does My iPhone Freeze When I Tap On The Share Button?

There are a lot of reasons why your iPhone or the apps on your iPhone are freezing whenever you tap on the share button. 

The most common reason is if you have failed to update your iOS device to a suitable version. 

Another reason would be that the app that you are trying to share is outdated. 

The final reason is not rebooting or restarting your iPhone periodically; this is often advised as rebooting your device every once in a while helps clear cache data that may be slowing down your device. 

How to Fix iPhone Freezing When You Tap On The Share Button

The first step to fixing this issue is to update the app that you are trying to share from if you can. 

It has been reported that this issue happens a lot when you try to share anything from the Photos app. 

The second step is to update your iPhone operating software to the latest version if you haven’t already. 

The final steps are to reboot/restart your iPhone and in rare cases wait for Apple to come up with a permanent fix for this issue. 

1. Update the app you are trying to share from

As mentioned, the first step is to update the app that you are trying to share from. 

Yes, not every app on iOS devices can be updated, so if you cannot update the app you can simply close and open it to free up app cache data. 

Meaning that if it’s the Photos app that you are trying to share from, closing the app and opening it again, and then re-performing the action can fix this freezing issue. 

2. Update your iPhone software to  the latest version

Once you are done with step 1, the next thing to do is to update your iPhone software to the latest available version. 

To do this, plug your phone to a charging source and navigate to the “Settings” app on your phone,e, and tap on “General”

Choose the software version that you want to update to, tap on “Install Now” then input your passcode and follow the next on-screen instructions. 

3. Restart your iPhone

Usually, updating your iPhone software to the latest version has been able to fix the problem for a lot of users. 

However, if that didn’t help you, whenever you experience a freeze anytime you want to tap on the share button, just restart your iPhone as soon you can. 

To restart a frozen iPhone, press and release the “Volume up” button, and do the same on the “Volume down” button

Next, press and hold on the “Side button” and when the Apple logo appears release the “Side button”.


There are just a few ways to fix iPhone freezing when you tap on the “Share” button, especially with the  Photos, iMessage, Documents, and Notes apps.

Restarting your iPhone device has been reported to have fixed this issue for quite a lot of users.

However, if restarting your iPhone was not able to solve this issue for you, then updating your phone software to the latest available version should be able to.

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