How To Set Recurring Calls On The Skype App

How To Set Recurring Calls On The Skype App

The Skype app has multiple features that make the user experience better.

One of those features includes being able to set recurring calls for business or personal use.

With this recurring calls feature on the Skype app, you don’t have to worry about missing or mixing up meetings.

As long you’re using an updated version of the Skype app, this feature should be available to you.

To set recurring calls in the Skype app, you have to select the group or person you want to make the calls to, tap on the plus (+) sign on the bottom left and you will see the option you are looking for.

However, you may not know how to do this on your own; that is what you will learn from this guide.

You will also learn how to delete a recurring call on the Skype app, and more.

  • How to Set Recurring Calls on the Skype app
  • How to Delete Recurring Calls on Skype

How to Set Recurring Calls on the Skype app

To set a recurring call on the Skype app, tap on the plus sign (+) on the left of an open conversation, select “Schedule a call”, input your details and then save by tapping on “Save”.

Now, repeat the above steps for however long you want them to last, meaning you can schedule calls multiple times with the same person or group on Skype.

*To further explain, If you want you to want a recurring call to last for a week on Skype, schedule 7 calls, and so on.

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Here are steps to set a recurring call on your Skype app:

1. Select the chat you want recurring calls with

Firstly, update your Skype app to the latest version from the App store, open the app and log into your account.

Tap on the chat or group that you want to set the recurring call(s) with to open the conversation window.

2. Tap on the plus (+) sign

Schedule call on Skype app
Skype conversations window

Once you are in the chat window, simply tap on the “blue plus (+) sign” on the bottom left of your screen.

A list of options including Media, File,… should appear, select “Schedule a Call”.

3. Input your recurring call preferences and confirm

Finally, input the details of your call, time, date, and all.

There is also an option to choose when you want to be reminded of the call, you have to option to choose to be reminded 15 minutes before the call or even 1 week before the call.

Moving on, after inputting your ‘Schedule call’ preferences, tap on “Save” to confirm your changes.

Now, to turn the ‘Schedule call’ to recurring, repeat the steps for how long you want.

For example, for a weekly recurring call on the Skype app, schedule a call 7 times, and so on.

How to Delete Recurring Calls on Skype

To delete the scheduled or recurring calls on Skype, just enter the conversation window of the person you have set the call with.

Tap on the call card, tap on “Edit” and then on “Delete Call”, confirm your selection and that is it.


Skype is a great way to connect with friends and businesses.

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The unveiling of the mobile and desktop app has made it easier to enjoy its many features, features as being able to set recurring calls, set call schedules, video calls, and even call international numbers at cheap rates.

As long your Skype app is updated, you have not violated any terms, then you are eligible to enjoy a better user experience on the app.

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