How To See Classroom Assignments On Duolingo

How To See Classroom Assignments On Duolingo

Do you want to see your classroom assignments on Duolingo?

If yes, you can only do this on a computer or using your phone browser.

At the time of writing this, you cannot see classroom assignments on the mobile app.

Duolingo classrooms are a virtual way besides the app to make language learning more fun and personal.

It works like an actual classroom where you can get assignments from ‘real’ teachers which you can submit at a given period; totally 100 percent free.

In this guide, you will learn how to see classroom assignments on Duolingo.

How to See Classroom Assignments on Duolingo

To see classroom assignments on Duolingo, the first step will be to access your Duolingo for school account with a computer or the web browser on your phone.

Next, you will need to input your unique classroom code to join.

Sometimes when you are given an assignment by a ‘Teacher’ on Duolingo, you may receive a notification on your email.

1. Go to the Duolingo classroom

Log into the classroom by inputting your unique code and then click on “Join Classroom”

On your browser, paste and search this link:

Log into the classroom by inputting your unique code and then click on “Join Classroom”.

This unique code is usually sent to you by your ‘Teachers’ on Duolingo so that they can track your language-learning progress.

After you have clicked “Join Classroom” you will be asked to confirm (see screenshot below) by clicking on “Yes, Join”.

Duolingo for schools

2. Log into your Duolingo account

How to log into duolingo for schools

After confirming that you want to join a Duolingo classroom with your unique code, you will be asked to input your Duolingo account details to log into your account.

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These details should be your ‘normal’ log-in details, the ones you have logged in on your mobile app or computer.

3. See classroom assignments under XP Progress

Once you have logged into your Duolingo dashboard, scroll down, just on the right-hand side directly under “XP Progress” you will see your classroom assignments.

Most of the time, you usually get notified through the email address associated with your Duolingo account if you have been given an assignment by a ‘Teacher’.


If you want to make Duolingo more challenging and at the same time fun, you can join Duolingo classrooms.

These classrooms are virtually conducted by ‘real’ Teachers, they track your progress and dish out assignments at any given time.

To join you are going to need a unique code from your ‘Teachers’ on the platform, this code will also allow you to see assignments from the ‘Teachers’ if any.

Another way to see assignments from Duolingo classrooms is through your email, sometimes you can get notified there.

Please note that these assignments usually have due dates, so do well to manage your time well as you would in a physical classroom.

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