How To View Spotify Album Cover In Full Screen

view album covers on Spotify in full screen

Do you want to be able to view album covers on Spotify in full screen?

Viewing a song’s album cover on the full screen using Spotify can be nice to look at.

However, this feature is not for every Spotify user, you have to pass certain criteria before you can view a song’s album cover on full screen on Spotify.

The album cover of a song can also be called cover art, and full screen in this context means the song cover is filling your device’s screen.

And of course, you can minimize the album cover and the song will still be playing, but having the ability to view it in full screen will allow you to take aesthetic screenshots of it (that’s what lots of people use it for) or do other things with it.

If you are clicking or tapping on the album of a song that you are currently playing using the Spotify streaming app and it is refusing to go full screen, it means you have passed the criteria to enjoy that feature; but we will tell you to in this guide.

In this guide, you will learn how to view a song’s album cover on full screen on Spotify.

How to View Spotify Album Cover in Full Screen

To view an album cover on Spotify in full screen, you need to, first of all, pass the following conditions:

1. You must be a Spotify premium user

First things first, you need to be a premium subscriber to enjoy any full-screen song-playing mode.

The paid plans on Spotify are flexible, they even have one for students which are very affordable.

Once you have subscribed to a premium Spotify plan, you can then play any song in full mode; but check the second criterion first.

2. You must be using Spotify on your desktop

Even though you can play a song using the Spotify app for mobile in full screen, you will still not be able to tap on the song’s cover art to view only the art in full screen.

This feature is only available to Spotify for desktop users as long as they using the Spotify paid plan.

So if you are a Spotify premium user on a desktop, simply tap on the album cover of a song that you are currently listening to view it in full screen.


Spotify is a very popular music and podcast streaming app that gives you access to a lot of nice features more than any other music streaming website.

Amongst all the features is the ability to view songs’ album covers (cover art) in full screen, however, you must be a premium subscriber to the app to enjoy this.

Apart from being a premium subscriber on Spotify to enjoy songs in full screen, there is another condition which we have also included in this guide, scroll up to read it.

We hope this guide has answered all your questions regarding viewing a song’s cover art on Spotify in full screen, please do share with others that may need to learn a thing or two from us.

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