iPhone vs Blackberry Security: Which Device Is Superior?

iPhone vs Blackberry Security: Which Device Is Superior?

Both iPhone and Blackberry are great phones for a variety of audiences with different communication needs including business.

Some Blackberry users believe that their Blackberry phone is superior to the iPhones and is more business-friendly. 

Moreover, they also maintain that Blackberry phones are the only secure way to store emails and important business files.

This article is your guide to iPhone vs Blackberry security to help you understand which one is better. 

How Is Blackberry Different?

Even though the iPhone has wowed us all and Android constitutes a large market share, Blackberry has been a business phone for decades.

With iPhone mesmerizing users with its pricey handsets, Blackberry has proved to be a gem of the business world. 

The level of security and control that Blackberry gives are the main selling points for the brand.

You can turn on or turn off 2 factor authentication iPhone has for better security, but Blackberry offers you even more.

Military-grade security protocols are used to protect the hardware and software of the phone from malicious tampering. 

With Blackberry phones, the security process starts from the beginning of the manufacturing cycle and stays intact at each step going forward.

When you boot up the device for the very first time, the hardware and software components are validated to ensure there’s no tampering. 

The OS provides a secure environment that can easily combat any hacking attacks or external vulnerabilities.

Advanced security algorithms also prevent you from downloading OS or software versions that are not packed with security fixes.  

Blackberry phones add an extra protective layer to WiFi, BlueTooth, NFC, and VPN that protect data in transit across the network.

You get the option to digitally sign or encrypt messages that you send with MIME. 

Full disk encryption will protect your data from unauthorized access in case your device is stolen or lost.

You can even protect your device from outside access by assigning numeric, alphanumeric, or image passwords.

Why Does the iPhone Rule the World?

Why Does the iPhone Rule the World?

iPhone runs on iOS; a software developed based on Apple hardware.

Apple devised system security algorithms to maximize the overall security of the OS on its devices.

The latest iOS devices are known to have the best reputation for security. 

Apple has full control over updates, so it considers even the tiny details while rolling out updates.

The walled garden allows the iPhones to only run apps pre-approved by Apple.

Businesses use macOS and iOS devices due to their tightly-packed security algorithms. 

iOs devices maintain an overall balance when it comes to security; users sometimes prefer jailbreaking the device to using additional features.

The encryption protocols safeguard user data even in the most risk-intensive zones. 

In addition to this, the remote wipe capabilities can remove data from the device if the device is stolen or lost.

Multiple layers of protection ensure that all the apps are free from malware and any other outside security threats.

Considering these security features, it’s quite difficult to evaluate iPhone vs Blackberry security as both integrate robust security protocols. 

Apple services such as iCloud, Apple ID, iMessage, FaceTime, Apple Pay, Find My, and Sign in with Apple ensures better security when using the phone.

This protects the devices while interacting across the network or making transactions. 

Secure Neural Engine uses DMA (Direct Memory Access) to enable high performance and better security.

A dedicated interface applies access control, authentication, and memory encryption while using a separate memory range and a cryptographic key to restrict the neural engine from authenticating memory regions. 

The Biometric authentication capabilities are just another way to ensure the security of a passcode that you use for online accounts.

You will require a passcode to perform almost all intense tasks, such as updating the software, installing configuration files, erasing the device, viewing the passcode settings, or making changes to the passcodes. 


From a security standpoint, both iPhone and Blackberry phones seem to be packed with powerful algorithms that work flawlessly to protect the respective devices against any security risks.

For users who prefer style over usability, the iPhone might be the ideal option.

On the other hand, the more experienced business users will go with Blackberry. 

Though Blackberry offers comparatively more features in its phones, iPhone users will need to jailbreak their devices to use the same services.

Moreover, jailbreaking can tamper the device, and you may end up voiding the warranty.

Although the iPhone can prove to be a superb communication tool for businesses, the cost factor cannot be ignored.

If a clear comparison has to be made between iPhone and Blackberry, both come with impressive features and are highly efficient.

In terms of usability experience, Blackberry has the edge over all the smartphone devices available in the market.

iPhone allows access to limited apps, while Blackberry enables you to handle your business easily by accessing as many apps as you need.

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Brianna Bailey

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