How To Fix ChatGPT Stuck On Loading With A Wheel Spinning

How To Fix ChatGPT Stuck On Loading With A Wheel Spinning

Is your ChatGPT account stuck on loading, only showing a spinning wheel at the top of your screen?

ChatGPT uses almost human-like language to provide answers, and start conversations.

It stands for chat generative pre-trained transformer, it was launched in November 2022 by OpenAI.

Ever since its release, a lot of users have reported a few errors, one of these errors is what we are going to be focusing on in this guide.

There are a lot of reasons why ChatGPT is having that kind of issue, the number one reason could be because of a slow internet connection.

This error might happen when you are trying to log into your account or start a conversation on ChatGPT.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix ChatGPT stuck on loading, only showing a spinning wheel at the top, and why it happens.

Why Is ChatGPT Not Loading?

When ChatGPT is not loading or is stuck on loading, it could be happening due to many reasons.

One of these reasons could be that your internet connection is slow; use this tool to check.

Another reason could be that there’s something wrong with your browser, or maybe some extensions or add-ons might be conflicting with ChatGPT.

How To Fix ChatGPT Stuck On Loading With A Wheel Spinning

To fix ChatGPT stuck on loading, only showing a spinning wheel, you need to check the speed of your internet; to see if it needs to be improved.

You can also check for conflicting add-ons or extensions on your browser and remove them.

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Other troubleshooting methods include logging into your ChatGPT on another browser, creating a new account, and contacting ChatGPT customer support.

Fix 1. Improve your internet connection

As we mentioned, a bad internet connection is usually the chief cause of this error.

So firstly, turn off your WiFi and turn it on again, reconnect your device to it.

If that doesn’t work, check the speed of your internet with this free tool.

And if the speed is anything below 35 Mbps is considered slow and users may experience a lot of buffering using it.

If this is your case, switching to a better internet or even mobile data plan might load your ChatGPT faster.

Fix 2. Remove conflicting browser extensions and add-ons

If you have been accessing ChatGPT on a computer browser, you might be experiencing slow loading due to conflicting add-ons or extensions.

To get started, turn off all extensions and try loading ChatGPT again.

If it loads correctly, proceed to enable each of the extensions or add-ons one after the other.

With every extension or add-on you enable, check to see if ChatGPT is loading correctly that way you would be able to fish out the conflicting one(s).

Fix 3. Switch to another browser

If removing conflicting extensions did not fix this problem for you, switching to a different browser might be helpful.

For example, if your ChatGPT account is stuck on loading on Google Chrome, it could work well if you switch to FireFox or even Microsoft Edge.

Fix 4. Create a new ChatGPT account

The errors that most ChatGPT users run into are a lot and some of them can be fixed by creating new ChatGPT accounts.

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There isn’t any strict rule against having two accounts on ChatGPT yet.

So as long you create it with a fresh email address and verify it with a new phone number, you are good.

The only downside to this method is that you might have to let go of your old conversations with your faulty ChatGPT account and start new prompts with the new one you will create.

Fix 5. Contact customer support

If none of the fixes worked for you, you will need to contact ChatGPT customer support.

This is because they might be in the best position to help detect why you are experiencing this ChatGPT stuck-on-loading issue.

To do this, go to their public forum here, create an account, create a new thread with your complaint as the title, and wait for a reply from an OpenAI representative.


And that is how to fix ChatGPT stuck on loading, only showing a spinning wheel on the screen.

ChatGPT has become very popular amongst avid internet users and it is quite helpful.

With the right prompt, you could have a lot of fun using the AI tool; but when it gets errors like not being able to load it can be very frustrating.

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