How To Prevent Samsung Clipboard Tool From Copying Unnecessary Links

How To Prevent Samsung Clipboard Tool From Copying Unnecessary Links

Easy steps to stop your Samsung clipboard from copying unnecessary links with this step by step guide.

The clipboard tool on most Samsung phones especially the newer versions is quite helpful, a very nice way to see a list of items you have copied in a while.

Note that the Samsung clipboard tool can contain only up to 10 items at a time.

Sometimes you may discover that there are some things, especially numbers that you don’t remember copying that is on the clipboard tool.

This can be a result of the settings on your phone or the type of keyboard you are using.

Or in some cases, if the unnecessary item is a phone, and you remember tapping on it only once; it is an AI behavior on your Samsung phone’s part.

In this guide, you will learn how to stop your Samsung clipboard tool from copying unnecessary links, and more.

How to Prevent the Samsung Clipboard Tool from Copying Unnecessary Links

As a techie myself who uses a Samsung Note 10, seeing unnecessary links in my clipboard tool is never a cause for alarm, I simply delete them.

If you notice that your Samsung clipboard tool copies items even without you long tapping to copy them, then you may need to change your regular keyboard to a new one or increase your hold delay.

1. Switch to Google Gboard Keyboard

Since you are using your phone, you need to download and install the Google Gboard from the Play Store.

This is Google’s official keyboard.
Most Android phones originally come with the Gboard, for some Android phones, you may need to install it to be able to use it on your phone.

Moving on, once you have the Gboard installed and launched on your Samsung phone, you can now switch between keyboards by tapping on the keyboard icon that is on the bottom-right corner of your screen.

What this keyboard would do is prevent your phone from copying items unnecessarily as it does not have a clipboard tool like the Samsung keyboard.

So for any item to item to be on the clipboard tool you have to copy it (press and hold method) and for you to find the copied item, you will need to switch from the Gboard to the Samsung keyboard.

2. Increase touch and hold delay frequency

Almost all the newest versions of Samsung phones come with accessibility settings. 

This is where you can set up how you want your phone to work for you. 

You can even set up the cursor pad in the accessibility settings for Samsung phones with touch-screen issues; you can read the guide here.

Here is how to increase the touch and hold delay frequency on Samsung phones:

1. Open the “Settings” app on your Samsung phone.

2. Scroll up to “Accessibility” and tap on it.

3. Next, tap on “Interaction & Dexterity” followed by “Touch and hold delay”.

4. Set “Touch and hold delay” to medium and save.

Setting the Touch and hold delay to medium will increase the time required to tap and hold on a text to copy it.


The clipboard on the newest versions of Samsung phones is a very tool for keeping copied items.

However, it can copy items that you don’t want and very unnecessary links at times due to the settings on your Samsung phones or the type of keyboard you are making use of.

Those unnecessary links are usually not a cause for alarm as you can just tap and hold on to them to delete them.

But if it bothers you, setting the Touch and hold delay in accessibility to medium or long, or switching to the Google Gboard keyboard can help fix or minimize this issue.

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