How To Prevent Numbers From Turning Into Clickable Links

how to prevent number from turning into clickable links

Do you have the issue of numbers turning into clickable links?

If yes, then you should know that this error can occur on any device.

It is a common issue common with browsers ex. Microsoft Edge and on some Android devices.

Even though there hasn’t been any known fix on the internet for this error there is still a way around it that a lot of people do not know about.

With the solution in this guide, you will be able to stop any kind of numbers from turning into clickable links on any device when trying to copy.

How To Fix Phone Numbers from Turning into Clickable Links On Any Device

To stop phone numbers or any kind of number from turning into clickable links when you want to copy them, they are a few tweaks you need to make on your device.

You will notice this error also when you want to long press and copy numbers on some apps and your phone tries to dial it instead.

While this is usually not a cause for alarm it can be annoying for some people, however here is a quick solution to prevent this.

Method 1: Prevent Numbers from Turning into Links

When next you see a number turned into a hyperlink on your device when you try to copy it, do the following:

1. If the number is included in a text with words, long press and copy the number with some words.

How to copy hyperlink numbers

If not, you can add a few words or random letters and copy them together with the numbers.

2. Next, paste everything you copied into any Notes app on your device and then edit out the words and copy just the numbers this time and use as pleased!

Method 2:

This method might not be ideal for some people, however, it still works for most.

Let’s get started.

1. Go to the hyperlinked number(s) that you want to copy.

2. Open the ‘Notes app’ or ‘Notepad’ on your device.

3. Next, write out the hyperlinked numbers in the ‘Notes app’ and then without saving them, copy them.


It is quite common for numbers; any kind of numbers, to turn to clickable links automatically even when they are not links except for location coordinates.

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This error is popular with most mobile phones and even on some browsers (Ex. Microsoft Edge, Chrome) and there isn’t any way to prevent it, at least not yet.

However, there are ways around it; with the two methods in this guide, you can be able to manage this error and still use your device as you normally would.

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