How To Fix Wrong Timestamp On Discord On Phone And PC

How To Fix Wrong Timestamp On Discord On Phone And PC

Are you getting the wrong time on your Discord messages or notifications?

Or your Discord messages are appearing on older dates or future dates?

If yes, then you have the incorrect timestamp error on your Discord app.

Usually, this error is caused by incorrect time zone settings on your device.

You can fix this by tweaking your time zone to an hour ahead of your current one.

Then followed by setting your device to auto-set time zone, and save.

Doing the above will revert the wrong timestamp on all your Discord messages and notifications to the correct one.

If you are looking for an explained guide, continue reading to learn how to fix an incorrect timestamp on Discord using any device.

How to Fix Wrong Timestamp on Discord

As I have mentioned in the introduction above, to fix your Discord messages or notifications appearing at an incorrect time from the time in your current time zone, you will need to tweak your device a little using the guide I am about to show you.

This method will work on both Discord mobile and Discord for PC and I will be listing both methods below:

1. Clear cache on Discord

2. Set your time zone to a wrong one 

3. Set your device to auto-set time

Note: For phone users, make sure that your Discord has been updated to the latest version. PC users should make sure that their browsers have been updated to the latest version too.

1. Clear cache on Discord

Nowadays it seems like clearing cache data solves every issue, it does by the way.

For Android users:

  • Force close the Discord app if open.
  • Tap and hold on to the app icon to the reveal app information icon, tap on it.
  • Scroll down to “Storage” and tap on it, then tap on “Clear cache”
  • Clear everything and restart the Discord app.

For PC users:

  • Open the browser that you access the Discord site with and type “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData” without the quotes.
  • Uncheck all boxes except “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” and then confirm.
  • Close the browser and reboot your computer.

Doing this on your PC may log you out of some sites and you may lose unsaved files, so make sure that you have all your passwords and unfinished work saved before you do this.

For iPhone (iOS) users:

Since there is no way to clear the cache on iPhone devices, you can simply hard-close the Discord app.

2. Set your time zone to a wrong one

I know this next step sounds a bit confusing, but believe me, it works.

On the “Date and time” settings of your device; phone or PC, change your current time zone to a time zone that is an hour or two hours ahead of your current one.

Once you have done this, close the “Settings” app on your device and move on to the final step.

3. Set your device to auto-set time

In this final step, you are going to have to enable your location for a while, that is the only this final step would work.

Go back to the “Date & Time” settings on your phone or PC and set everything to automatic (time and time zone).

This would hard-reset the wrong time zone you had previously set to your current time zone, with the help of your device’s location that you turned on.

Now open Discord on your phone and PC, this time will be according to your time zone and will match the time on your device.


An incorrect date or time on Discord is a glitch that happens from time to time.

Almost every Discord user has experienced it at some point.

The cause of this glitch is unknown as of the time of writing this, but the solution is in this guide, which is the more important.

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