How To Fix Discord Language Stuck In English

How To Fix Discord Language Stuck In English

Are you having trouble changing Discord in-app language from English to any other language of your choice?

If yes, then you have come across a general glitch that has been reported a lot over the past week.

This Discord language glitch may be a result of an incorrect framework from Discord’s developers’ end, it has nothing to do with the users or their settings.

This is to say that Discord language stuck on English is not account-specific.

However, while we wait for a permanent fix from Discord support, we can troubleshoot some fixes we have tried that have also been able to solve this issue for a lot of users.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix Discord language stuck in English and why it happens.

Why Is My Language On Discord Stuck In English?

If you have just noticed that you are not able to change the Discord app language from English to any other country then you may have an issue.

This issue usually occurs when the app framework is incompatible.

What this means is that a new feature that has recently been added doesn’t agree with some old feature, thereby causing issues like this to happen.

And since this language stuck on English is a general issue, it should be rectified as soon as they can.

How to Fix Discord Language Stuck In English

The first step to fixing Discord language stuck in English is to clear cache data and try again to change the language.

The second step is logging out of your Discord account and then logging back in.

This third step is quite simple, it involves changing the language of your device to the language you wanted on Discord and then accessing Discord.

The next step is to update to the latest version of Discord if you haven’t done so already, although for some users downgrading to a lower version of the app did help; we will discuss that later.

The fifth step that has helped about 55 percent of users that have complained of this language issue on Discord is turning off VPN.

Here are how you can fix Discord language stuck in English:

Method 1: Clear Discord cache data

This is one of the most used fix in every troubleshooting guide; this is because it can help correct a few settings.

Clearing cache data helps free up space that has been occupied by junk data AKA cache data.

For this method, you will need to clear Discord app cache data on whichever device you are using to access the platform, check the third step in this post on how you can clear cache data on PC, Android, and iOS.

Method 2: Log out and log back in

This second method would require you to log out of your Discord account and then log back in.

However, before you do this, make sure that you have written down your login details in a safe place to avoid forgetting them.

Once you are done logging out and in, navigate to settings in Discord and try changing the language again.

Method 3: Change device language

Most apps tend to adapt the language of the device you are using to access the platform.

Discord may or may not be one of that apps, it all depends on the type of device you are using.

Simply go to the settings of your device and change the general language to the one you would have wanted on Discord and then open the app again to see if the language changed; if not proceed to method 4.

Note: be careful with this method as whatever language you decide to change must be the one you can understand verbally or on paper.

Method 4: Update or downgrade Discord

Some users did report that when they updated their Discord app, the language issue vanished and there were able to switch from English to other languages.

A few others also reported that when they downgraded to a version lower than the one they already have installed on their device, it fixed the issue for them.

So to carry out this method, downgrade to a lower version of Discord on this site, and check if the error persists (works for only Android)

If the error persists go to your App Store and then update the app to the lowest available version.

Method 5: Turn off VPN

Sometimes the language that corresponds to the location you have set on your VPN may be interfering with the language you want to set on your Discord.

So if you have a VPN on, you will need to turn it off and then try changing the language on the Discord app again.


Using messaging apps like Discord in a familiar language other than English makes the app more fun.

So when glitches or errors like not being able to change language from English to any other language on the app, it can ruin the fun.

However, no glitch doesn’t have a solution whether it is general or account-specific, people will always find ways around things like this; like the methods carefully explained in this guide.

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