7 Ways To Fix DAZN Always Asking To Sign In

7 Ways To Fix DAZN Always Asking To Sign In

Is DAZN always logging you out and asking you to sign in?

If so, does this also happen every time you log in with a new device?

This means that DAZN has failed to save your login details on your device(s).

This can get frustrating as no one wants to keep signing into an account especially when their login details are not what they remember by heart.

In this guide, you will learn ways to stop DAZN from asking you to sign into your account every time, and why it happens.

Why Does DAZN Keep Asking Me To Sign In All The Time?

If you are been automatically logged out of your DAZN streaming service for what looks like an unhealthy number of times, then you might have a problem.

This problem may have been caused by cache data and cookies issues.

Another reason for DAZN always logging you out could be that their servers are down.

Sometimes, it could be happening because DAZN does not recognize the device and connection you are using; maybe you are using public WiFi.

In rare cases, using a VPN, not updating your DAZN app, or signing into one account with more than 6 devices might be causing this issue.

How To Fix DAZN Always Asking To Sign In

To fix DAZN always logging you out, you need to check if their servers are down; use this tool*.

If DAZN is down, you will need to wait for 24 hours for it to be back up.

You can also try clearing cache data and cookies on the devices you have DAZN installed.

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You can also try streaming with a hotspot or mobile data.

Other troubleshooting guides include: turning off your VPN, logging out of all devices except one, updating your DAZN app, or contacting DAZN support.

Fix 1: Clear cache data and cookies

Cache data and cookies are like invisible bookmarks that your device or browser stores when you visit an app or website.

They are automatically saved, gets accumulated with each visit.

However, the data is relatively useless to you as it takes up space and would soon slow down the app or browser functionality.

So it is important to always clear cache data and cookies from time to time.

On the DAZN app for smartphones, you can do so by navigating to the app’s info.

Select “Storage” and then “Clear cache”

Clear cache data on DAZN Android app

If you are using DAZN on your computer, you can clear the cache in the history section. Learn more.

Fix 2: Log out of all other devices except one

As a rule, DAZN allows one user to sign into up to 6 devices.

Anything more than that might be causing this error for you; so if your account is signed into more than 6 devices sign out from all of them.

Next, choose one dedicated device for DAZN and try logging in; don’t forget to save your login info if asked by the device.

After a few days, you may slow up the number of devices that can access your DAZN account.

Fix 3: Reboot your device

If fix 2 did not help you, rebooting your device might.

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Rebooting or restarting your device works simply by clearing general useless cache data from a device and all the apps installed on it.

Depending on your device, pressing and holding its power button should show you the option to restart it.

Fix 4: Update your DAZN app

If you are using DAZN mobile app, it is very important to always keep it up to date.

We cannot underestimate the value of always keeping our apps up to date; errors like this usually get tackled through updates.

To do this, go to the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Search for the DAZN app, you can use the search bar if you want.

Check if there are new updates to install; if any, install them.

Close the App Store, open your DAZN app, and log into your account again, the issue should be fixed now.

Fix 5: Switch to mobile data

The number of issues that bad internet connection especially the public ones causes are almost unimaginable.

Having secured internet can save you from running into app or website issues like this.

If you are streaming DAZN while connected to a public WiFi network, it may be logging you out constantly to protect you.

It might be thinking: “I don’t recognize this connection, this wasn’t the connection Mr. A or Mrs. B accessed us with the last time”.

When websites and apps like this get assessed with strange internet connections, they tend to protect themselves; similar to what Google does when you try to log into your account with a new mobile carrier.

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The only solution to this is switching to a data plan on the device your DAZN account is signed into.

Connecting to a mobile hotspot too works too, it’s more secure than streaming with a public WiFi network.

Fix 6: Turn off VPN

We all love using VPNs; you know it’s safer, protect our IP addresses, and masks our true location.

But streaming services do not; they work and make their money from metrics.

They must know the actual region you are streaming from.

So if you have been streaming DAZN with a VPN and you are suddenly logged out, turn off the VPN, clear cache data using fix 1, and log back in.

Fix 7: Contact DAZN support

If none of the fixes worked for you, we suggest you contact DAZN support.

They are usually the final solution in cases like this

The quickest way to reach them is by live chat, that way you can get help as soon as possible.


And that is how to fix DAZN always looking you out.

These fixes can be done separately or combined, whatever works for you as long as it solves your problem.

Let us know which of them worked for you by sharing this guide using the social buttons below.

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