OnlyFans Won’t Let Me Post A Picture [Fixed]

Fix OnlyFans Won't Let Me Post A Picture

Are you not able to post photos let alone videos on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans (OF) is an online subscription service that is primarily media-based, so not being able to upload media kind of beats its purpose.

This error typically happens when you have not completed or failed the verification of your documents.

It is required that before you become a creator on OnlyFans that you verify your identity to keep the community safe for you and the subscribers.

However, if you have been successfully verified, your account approved, and you are still not able to post videos or photos then they might be other reasons like:

  • Loading issues caused by slow internet, and
  • If you are using the app; cache data or outdated version.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix not being able to post pictures on OnlyFans and why it happens.

How to Fix Not Being Able to Post Pictures Or Videos on OnlyFans

The first step to fixing not being able to post pictures or any kind of media on OnlyFans is to understand why it happens.

As we mentioned, many things can cause this error, example includes and is not limited to:

  • Unaccepted file size,
  • Slow internet,
  • Server is down,
  • You’re using a VPN,
  • Cache data,
  • Unverified or rejected account.

You may also notice that when you try to post, you get the “Sorry, this page is not available” error.

Here is how to fix not being able to post pictures error on OnlyFans:

1. Check File size

The maximum size for videos on OnlyFans is 3GB, while that of photos is 6000x6000px.

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Anything more than the above-stated will get rejected when you try to upload it to your profile.

So check your file size, if too big, you always use a compressor like this one to reduce the size or just use the PhotoGrid app.

2. Fix your internet

Another cause of not being able to post pictures on your OnlyFans account is slow or unstable internet.

If you are in an area where the internet coverage is bad, you can switch locations for better coverage or switch to WiFi.

However, if you have WiFi already, checking the modem plugs and settings for any abnormalities can improve your internet connectivity and speed.

3. Check if the OnlyFans server is down

When servers are down, features on the website do not function properly.

A glitchy server on a website as big as OF that gets tons of traffic in minutes are prone to this.

You can check the status of the server here, if it is down, all you can do is wait till it starts functioning properly.

4. Ditch the VPN

It is pretty obvious why people use VPNs on sites like OnlyFans, however, if you are a creator hoping to make a lot of money on the site, VPN is not for you.

Try to post your media without the VPN and see that it will be successful this time.

5. Clear cache data

If you have the OnlyFans app on your phone, clearing cache data may be able to fix this not being able to post pictures or videos issue.

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To clear OnlyFans app cache data on Android, go to the Settings app, tap on “Apps”, select the OF app, and tap on “Storage” and on “Clear cache”.

To clear the app cache on your iPhone, uninstall the OnlyFans app and install it again; have your login details safely written down somewhere before you do this.

6. Check if you need to provide more details of yourself

The first rule to becoming a creator on OnlyFans is to pass the background check, every requirement must be provided and verified before you can use all the features or make money.

Check your mail for any requirements, or if your account has been fully approved because an unverified or rejected account will not be used OnlyFans as a creator.

7. Contact support

If after trying any of the above fixes and you are still not able to post pictures or even videos, then it may be time to contact tech support.

As it may be the issue is from their end and they are the ones that would know how they can help; it usually takes 2 to 3 business days to reply to you.


OnlyFans is a website where creators create content for subscribers.

These subscribers do not subscribe for free, they pay to subscribe and that means that if your content is good, you can make a fortune.

However, if as a creator you are not able to post pictures or videos (which make up the whole website), how then will you be able to gain subscribers?

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The good news is that, if you go through this guide, you will find steps that will help you regain the normality of your OnlyFans account.

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