How To Turn Off Auto Ellipsis On Google Docs

How To Turn Off Auto Ellipsis On Google Docs

Are ellipsis automatically being added to the end of your sentence on Google docs?

If yes, then you can turn this feature off in the “Substitutions” settings under “Tools” on Google docs.

Once this feature is turned off, Google docs will stop auto-adding ellipsis, arrows, symbols, and fractions to your text.

Although this feature can be helpful, it can also annoy the user if they are ‘auto-inserted’ too many times.

So if the ellipsis or symbols like ‘copyright’ and ’trademark’ are being ‘auto-inserted’ an annoying number of times into your text, you can simply turn it off.

In this guide, you will see how to turn off auto-ellipsis, symbols, and other ‘auto-inserted’ substitutions on Google docs.

How to Turn Off Auto Ellipsis on Google Docs

To turn off the auto-ellipsis feature on Google docs, log in to your docs account on a computer and then turn it off in the “Substitutions” settings under “Tools”.

The auto-ellipsis features are usually auto-enabled when you first create a Google docs account, you will have to manually disable it.

And also you cannot disable the auto-ellipsis feature in Google docs’ offline mode, you will need to be connected to the internet to access it.

1. Log into your Google docs account

The first step is to log into your Google docs account on a computer with stable internet.

You will need stable internet because you will not be able to access the ‘auto-ellipsis’ settings in the offline mode.

2. Turn off “auto-ellipsis”

Once logged in, choose and open any ‘docs’ file, click on “Tools” and select “Preferences”.

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Next, click on “Substitutions” and uncheck all the ‘add-ons’, symbols, or ellipsis (represented by “…”).

After unchecking all the boxes you want, you can click on “Save” and all your changes will be saved and applied to new files.


Google docs have a lot of wonderful features, including offline use and the auto substitutions feature.

Any feature or symbols enabled under the “Substitutions” settings will be auto-inserted in any position in any text, as long as Google docs’ deems it appropriate.

While this substitutions feature can be helpful to a writer who is forgetful or types too fast that they forget to include some details, it can in turn get pretty annoying when it happens too often.

Since Google docs’ is not human and can sometimes ‘over-performs’ some actions even when not asked, you can simply turn off the auto-ellipsis features, symbols, and even fractions with the steps in this guide.

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