How To Change Currency On eBay (Easy Guide)

How To Change Currency On eBay (Easy Guide)

Do you want to change the default currency to your local currency on eBay?

There are different currencies available on the online shopping platform and you can switch them anytime you would like.

If the currency does not match your country’s you can easily change it to the one that does.

Keep in mind that not every currency in the world can be found on eBay, but the major ones like USD and Euro are there.

When changing currencies on online shopping websites it is best to consider the exchange rate too so as not to overspend.

On eBay changing currency is a piece of cake and any noob can do it easily without needing technical support.

In this guide, you will learn available currency options that can be used on eBay, what happens when you change your currency on eBay, and how to change currency on eBay.

What Happens When You Change Your Currency On eBay?

Changing the currency displayed on the eBay shopping website to your local currency does not affect your account negatively.

The only thing that will happen is that all the items listed on the website will automatically change to your newly selected currency.

List of Available Currencies On eBay

There are different currencies that a user can switch to while using eBay, about 85 of them.

Since eBay is not exactly restricted in any country except, they have options of almost all the currencies in the world except the Nigerian Naira and a few more, however, the available currencies include:

  • United States Dollar (USD),
  • Canada Dollars (CAD),
  • Japan Yen (JPY),
  • India Rupees (INR),
  • United Kingdom Pounds (GBP),
  • Netherlands Guilders (NLG), among others.

How to Change Currency On eBay

To change currency on eBay to your local one, the first thing to do is to log into your account.

Logging into your eBay account will ensure that all your currency changes will be saved at least till you change it again.

After you have changed your currency, all the items on sale on the website will now be displayed in your chosen currency at the same exchange rate.

Here is how to change the currency to your local one on eBay:

1. Log into your eBay account

The first thing to do is to log into your account, without that your currency changes will not be saved.

If your changes are not saved, you will have to repeat the process of changing your currency every time you log in, besides this is the only way you can see the feature to change your currency.

2. Select item(s)

Once you have logged into your eBay account, you need to look up an item; any item of your choice.

Just on the upper-right corner of search results, just above the pictures of the item you have searched, tap or click on “Customize”.

3. Toggle on the “Customize your search” option

After you have selected “Customize”, scroll to “Convert prices to U.S. dollars” and check the box.

Next, select “Apply changes” to save your currency changes; all the items will now be shown in USD prices.

4. Convert price using the eBay converter

How to use eBay currency converter

The final step is to use the eBay converter to find out the price of an item in your local currency.

The link to this currency converter is

Once you have copied the above link, loaded it on a browser, find “I want to convert…” and input the details of the item you want to convert in the boxes.

After that, click or tap on “Perform Currency Conversion”, the results should be shown to you in a few seconds and that’s it!


eBay is an online shopping website similar to Amazon where you can shop for almost anything and have them delivered to your doorstep.

The original currency displayed on eBay is USD but this can be changed to match your local currency at any time as long as you are signed into your account.

The process of currency change on eBay is made possible by their inbuilt currency converter (link in this guide) that can give you accurate results.

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