Ark Survival Evolved Starter Guide for Beginners

Ark Survival Evolved Starter Guide for Beginners

The mechanics and graphics of Ark Survival Evolved have led to a surge in its popularity.

The game drops players on a mysterious island empty-handed, challenging them to thrive and survive alone and without weapons.

To stay alive, they must balance their stats, gather resources, crafting tools and weapons for shelter and protection.

The best part is that players can tame dinosaurs and use them to do more jobs in the game.

As interesting as it may seem, natural disasters, prehistoric animals, monsters, and potentially unfriendly humans can leave you with unforgiving experiences.

However, there are some hacks and cheats at to skyrocket your gaming experience in Ark Survival Evolved.

Ark Survival Evolved Guide for Beginners

Want to get an edge on the game? Here are some tips to make you go from beginner to expert:

1. Join a fully-fledged server

Every beginner is given the option to create or join a server.

It’s advisable to join an already-set-up server as it’ll be easier to learn the ropes of the game quickly.

The “Official Servers” option has a lot of safe and verified servers for newcomers.

Join one, pick a map, and dive into the open world.

While on the Ark Server screen, you can choose the difficulty level for your gameplay.

Also, when joining a server, ensure it has fewer ping to avoid connection issues and game lagging.

On the other hand, you can create your server and invite your friends to play with you or play solo.

2. Customize your character to your taste

Ark Survival Evolved allows players to choose how their in-game character appears.

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You can choose your character to be a male or female.

You can choose skin tone, hair color, eye color, legs, arms, head size, etc.

You can make your character appear like an athlete or bodybuilder.

Meanwhile, it is also advisable to keep your character simple as it doesn’t matter in the game as your survival does.

3. Enter, explore, and craft

Once you’re in, take time to explore your environment.

It helps you learn where you landed and the kind of creatures around you.

You can view your inventory to know which item you need first.

Clicking the “I” button will open the Inventory window, where you can see your first craft and requirements.

For example, to craft a primitive pick, you’ll need to collect one stone, one wood, and ten thatches.

Press “E” when you see a stone to pick it up and left-click on your mouse to punch trees for thatch and wood.

With your pick, you can harvest meat from animal bodies, more thatch from trees, and flint from rocks.

4. Spend Engrams points to unlock them

Engrams are blueprints with recipes for crafting items like armor, a torch, and building materials like frames, walls, and doors.

It also shows you the requirements for crafting the items.

To unlock Engrams, you need to level up and spend Engram points. 

Some vital Engrams to unlock first include Clothing, a Stone hatchet, a sleeping bag, a bow, a storage box, a campfire, narcotics, and a mortar and pestle.

These are vital for survival in Ark Survival Evolved.

5. Consider the southern beach when building

The southern beach is currently the safest location for building early on in Ark Survival Evolved.

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While there are almost no dangerous creatures to worry about, you must look out for the Spinos.

It’s easier to escape by the sea when under attack. 

They spawn around the water and can travel through water.

However, you can spot them easily and quickly because of the huge fins and size.

Furthermore, building around Parasaurs and Dodos (low-level plant-eaters) is also a perfect idea because you don’t have to worry about unexpected animal attacks.

6. Balance your stats always

To stay alive in Survival Evolved, you must balance your stats, maintaining and upgrading them throughout the game.

Health stats is the most important; it determines the level of damage your in-game character can endure before dying.

It depletes drastically when other stats like Oxygen, Fortitude, Water, and Hunger are lacking.

Eating builds your Hunger stats, and drinking water increases the Water stat.

Fortitude controls how you resist cold and hold temperature in the game, while Oxygen can help you swim longer underwater. 

If you have all these stats, your Health stat will remain intact as you proceed with the game.

Other stats you must maintain include Stamina, Weight, Torpidity, Movement Speed, Melee Damage, and Crafting Skills.

They all have unique roles to aid your survival, so you must maintain all.


As a beginner in Ark Survival Evolved, you must remember the information above when jumping into the game.

Survival Evolved can be harsh and unforgiving, but you can make the most of your first games with this starter guide.

So, remember to join the already-setup server to learn quickly.

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Customize your character, explore, and craft your first item.

Unlock Engrams for recipes to craft more items and consider the southern beach when building.

More importantly, balance your stats always to stay alive.

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