How To Approve A Transaction On NatWest App

How To Approve A Transaction On NatWest App

Do you want to approve a transaction on the NatWest online banking app?

NatWest is a personal online banking service that is based in the United Kingdom that was founded in 1968 by the merger of National Provincial bank and Westminster bank.

There are a lot of things you can do with the NatWest app, they include: save money, paying for services, and sending money to beneficiaries, among others.

For the sake of privacy, approving transactions on apps like this can be valid but it is not advised if you are not sure of the activity.

If the payee that you want to send money to with your NatWest banking app is new, it is usually required of you to approve or authenticate the transaction.

Approving a transaction on the NatWest app will debit the amount from your existing balance, the transaction can be found on your banking statements if you ever request one.

The reason for this is that spending money needs accountability, and a secured app like Natwest will not like to be held in contempt for a missing transaction.

In this guide, you will learn how to approve a transaction on the NatWest app, and what happens when you approve a transaction on the Natwest app.

How to Approve Transactions on NatWest App

To approve a transaction on the NatWest banking app, the first step is to have an already pending transaction which we believe you do since you are here.

After that, you need to log into the app with a secured process and then select “approve a transaction” on your NatWest home dashboard.

Here is how to approve a transaction on the NatWest online banking app:

1. Log in to the NatWest app

The first step is to log into your online banking app using a secured method, biometrics (fingerprint, iris detector, or face ID)is usually required in this situation.

If you initially didn’t have your biometrics registered as a login method, you will be asked to use your card reader.

Keep in mind that before you do this, your banking app has been updated, this way you can see all the features within the app.

2. Approve the transaction

The next step is to approve the said transaction, and to do this, tap on the transaction.

Next, select “approve a transaction” on the transaction page.

You will be asked to use biometrics again, this will further that it’s you that wants to approve the supposed transaction.

After that, you will be asked again to approve the transaction, and that’s it.

What Happens When You Approve a Request on NatWest App?

The only thing that happens when you approve a transaction using the NatWest banking app is that it might be confirmed or declined by your bank.

If confirmed, the funds will be sent automatically to the beneficiary requesting payment.

If the request for transaction approval is declined, you may need to contact NatWest tech support to further prove that you want that transaction to go through.


As mentioned, Natwest is an online banking app that allows you to perform financial transactions.

The level of security that the NatWest app has is top notch and that is why any unusual activity gets looked into thoroughly.

Activities like sending money to a beneficiary to whom you have never sent money before will need to be approved by you first.

The approval process includes biometrics (fingerprint, iris detector, or face ID) and if you don’t have on saved you may have to use your card reader.

Once you have approved the transaction, the waiting process begins, and the request for approval may be declined or confirmed depending on the amount of money and other factors; find out more in this guide.

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